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Last updated 9 Oct 2023
Eric Primrose Res - Field # 1Closed
Eric Primrose Res - Field # 2Closed

Life members

The Commitee would like to honour the following life members for their contributions towards our Club

Mr Theo Antoniadis (deceased)

Mr Agapitos Conditsis (deceased)

Mr Nick Damianakis (deceased)

Mr John Dimos

Mr Anivas Giannou (deceased)

Mr George Thomas (deceased)

Fr Nicholaos Tsouloukidis (deceased)

Mr Lou Mantzos

Mr Peter Vervitas

Mr Paul Aronis

Mr Peter Tsakos

Mr Harry Bonovas

Mr Steven Stefanou

Mr Michael Diacopoulos

Mr Nick Bouzas

Ms Nicoleta Diacopoulos (deceased)

Mr Steve Makris 

Mr Con Sakeson 

Mr George Vervitas

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